Appointments, Exams and Treatment Plans

To set up an appointment, email me at or phone me at 541-301-4459. Please indicate your pet’s issue(s), your address, and your preferred meeting times.

The initial examination and at-home consultation with you and your pet take about 45 minutes, maybe more. To build a foundation towards getting your pet back to health, Dr. B. will want to see your pet in his/her usual environment, learn your pet’s full history, do a thorough physical examination, and answer any questions you have. The initial exam and consultation is $74 for one pet, with no trip fee for locations within the Ashland city limits. A $15-25 trip fee applies to other Rogue Valley locations. Multi-pet, senior and service dog discounts are available. If you have more than one pet, the cost for the second pet’s work-up at the same home visit varies from $45-$55, depending on details.

If your pet is unwell, getting a blood sample is one tool that greatly assists in getting a deeper understanding of the state of his organ functions (liver, kidneys, etc.) and bone marrow, immune response, electrolytes, minerals, etc. Depending on which tests are needed, a blood work-up costs $125-145.

Once all of this information is in hand, Dr. B. will create a comprehensive treatment plan that includes a specific recommended diet, and possibly acupuncture, additional nutraceuticals, herbs, vitamins and supplements. The doctor may prescribe conventional medicines to help alleviate current symptoms while the new diet and supplements take effect, and/or prescribe herbal medicines to be given indefinitely to support specific organ functions returning to normal.

Dr. B will monitor the treatment and responses via email and telephone, including answering your questions that arise. Re-evaluations will be scheduled as needed so adjustments can be made; follow-up visits usually cost $35 to $45 for examination, plus treatments.

This is all variable, depending on your pet. Often, as some symptoms decrease in intensity, other problems that were masked emerge.

Questions? Drop me a line at or call 541-301-4459.